When it comes to eliminating toxins in the diet, it can be hard to do. They are everywhere. From what you use to clean your house, to the water you drink (even absorbed by the skin when you shower/bathe). They are in the air we breathe. We have terms like Monsanto and GMO. Both leave us with more toxins that we would like. When its all said and done, all these toxins can elevate all the wrong hormones in the body. Largely estrogen based hormones. They also put extra stress on the body which can elevate cortisol and inflammation in the body as well.


Reduction of inflammation is one key for balancing out your hormonal cascade and getting leaner (lowing excess bodyfat). So the trick is understanding what you can control, and what you cant. At least directly at least. We can choose to walk more and drive less when possible. That improves the air, and even the water quality.


You can control using filtered water. You can control using BPA free containers. You can control the foods you buy. A simple rule when buying food – If it comes in a package, read the label (ingredients matter more than the numbers) and if you buy food that doesn’t come in a package, know what is organic, and raised with minimal pesticides etc.


OVER-Sprayed fruits and vegetables at the market include:

Apples, celery, cherry tomato, cucumber, sweet bell pepper, white potato, summer squash, kale, spinach, strawberry (the MOST over-sprayed), grapes, hot pepper, imported nectarines, peaches. Always buy these organic. You have a greater chance at buying organic when you shop at the Farmers Markets. You can always ask the produce manager at your grocery store what is organic. They SHOULD know. If they dont, walk out of the store. Same goes for butchers. If they dont know how the animal was raised, leave.


To your health, enjoy!