So I had a current client seem to struggle with a plateau. I suggested she needed to do a cleanse from Advocare to jumpstart her progress. What can, and often does happen, the body can build up toxins which are primarily stored based on a number of things, but stress, estrogen and a number of other factors play into the bodies inability to process toxins efficiently, or even at all. The cleanse is simple, non-invasive, and only 10 days. There are many cleanse plans out there, but many dont consider how much they can actually damage your metabolism in only a few short days. What my client did was follow the plan of the cleanse in addition to a specific eating plan that I designed for her.

To do a cleanse right, you have to consider gut health and Liver health. 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Your liver is designed to process toxins, but also, process fat. What the cleanse is designed to do is rebuild your gut and fat burning ability by using a 3-pronged approach:

1.  Herbal Cleanse – What this is designed to clean out your your liver so you can start processing toxins that are held onto by estrogen and start burning fat!

2. Fiber drink – The focus is to remove any backed up waste and clean out your intestine! Since 70% of your immune system is here, and also where the body absorbs nutrients, we need to keep this clean!

3. Probiotics – The goal is to increase the ratio of good digestive enzymes to bad bacteria in the gut. In doing so, you increase your ability to absorb nutrients, and reduce any bloating (excess gas)

Here are some pictures of what she experienced in 10 days. A drop of 3 lbs, down 1.3% bodyfat, and down 1.5 inches in both the waist and abdomen.


As you can see, the results are pretty incredible for only 10 days! Summer is approaching quickly, dont wait until the last minute! Remember, you get FIT in the gym, but LEAN in the kitchen!

If you want to get started today with your results, and a healthier, leaner you, email me: